What happens with Gladiatoris? II EscenaRYS release

Libellus numerarius II
XVI-MMXVI Martius 

Hi again!

We have some news; a lot of you have asked us about how GLADIATORIS is going, so we’re recapping the state of affairs:

1. Our company, EscenaRYS, introduced on Libellus Numerarius I, keeps on working at a steady pace.

2. EscenaRYS has hired the illustrators (both 2D and 3D) who are working on the game’s final look. Some of them are old friends (as is the case of 3DBreed), but the rest of them will be kept a secret until the official website goes online. But here you’ve got a preview… our new logo!

3. As of today, our team is joined by two essential members:
– Miguel García, a.k.a. Orphebus, is our new Assessor.
– Gerardo Abad, a.k.a. Lanarch, is our new Community Manager.
With these new procuratores, the core of the Gladiatoris team is complete.

4. In an intensive meeting with the new team, we have outlined the action plan that will deliver the game in your hands… further even than the Medi Terraneum Sea! We won’t speak of dates yet, as they depend greatly on external companies, but we can indeed announce that our official website will go online in less than two months (its content is being uploaded right now). So watch out, and don’t forget to submit your e-mail in our blog so you can get the updates! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Our old Twitter account has changes, though it keeps the name @Gladiatoris, so it can be used by all EscenaRYS members. The former account has become @ThraexRYS, the personal account for David, advocate for the Small Shields (go Parmularii!)…

David Temprano “Thraex” and Luis Valleaguado “Lusitor”.

Preliminary RYS logo

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