“We are soon to be given a superb spectacle lasting three days.”
Petronius, Satyricon, 45.

GLADIATORIS is a board game for 1 to 4 players that recreates Roman amphitheatre’s combats. Each player takes the role of a lanista -gladiator trainer-, and must send their Beasts, Slaves and Gladiators to face their rivals’. The winner will be the player with more ⁠⁠⁠Sestertii after all the combats, no matter if their combatants outlived them or not.

In GLADIATORIS, each player chooses a gladiator school, a team of fighters specialized in a particular combat technique. To achieve victory, they will need good judgement investing their money, as well as combat expertise, luck and the favor of the gods.

Number of players: 1 to 4 (up to 6 with the KS Extra Teams or any of our future expansions sets).

Age: 12 years old and above.

Playing time: From quick 30-minutes fights to 3-hours campaigns.


Rulebook, and Games Book
122 Cards (68 x team, 18 x munera, 36 x maneuver)
19 Board Sections (13 x hexagonal, 6 x trapezoidal)
142 Tokens (42 x wounds, 64 x coins, 6 x palms, 12 x traps, 18 x double hexagons)
1 Sundial
11 Twelve-sided Dice (5 x attack, 5 x defense, 1 x sand)
36 Miniatures (12 x gladiators, 12 x slaves, 4 x great beasts, 8 x small beasts)
40 Rubber bands (10 x red, 10 x green, 10x blue, 10x orange

New Design

Since 2017, listening to the opinions and advice received through the crowdfunding campaign, we began to renew Gladiatoris appearance: from the primary colors dice and miniatures, to the current metals: GOLD / SAND, SILVER / IRON, BRONZE / WOOD. We have also completed the graphic design, and all the illustrations (unpublished yet) of the last fighters.

Gladiatoris design is complete… and it contains a sundial!

Previous Design

To illustrate the 2016 KS campaign, we presented all the components of the game.

Our OLD prototYPE

Since its creation in 2009, we have played hundreds of games with our prototype, improving the rules after each convention. We even filmed this one-minute video to show our game!

new miniatures

During the last months, we have documented and designed the new miniatures for the game. They will be sculpted in plastic, and will be about 30 mm (1,2 in) tall. You can click on the teams to see their description.

brutal Illustrations

Luck has been on our side, and we have put together a fantastic collection of illustrations (approved by our expert in gladiators, naturally).


The arena can take various regular shapes, and each reversible section conceals a nasty surprise: hidden pits, spears or boiling oil ponds.

more arenas

You can also fight in narrow settings, recreate historic battles… and even engage (with the “Circus” expansion set) in quadriga races!

game mechanics

Each player chooses a team and receives some starting ⁠⁠⁠Sestertii that can be used to train their fighters, up to Level III.

Each game is made up by 1 to 3 Events, wich vary in its goals and number of fighters: Slaves devoured by beasts, gladiators against beasts, gladiator duels… The game is played by turns, but cards in your hand can be used at any time, causing unexpected results (ie: a “Jupiter’s Lightning” that scorches an opponent).

Winners receive rewards and prizes -in ⁠⁠⁠Sestertii- that can be invested to develop their fighters. The game will be won by the player who has the most ⁠⁠⁠Sestertii at the end.


Each player has 3 Gladiators, 3 Beasts and a bunch of Slaves, and they must choose wisely when investing their ⁠⁠⁠Sestertii.


The basic set allows for games of up to 4 players: red, green, blue and orange; up to 6 players with any of the 3 KS Extra Teams (dark red, dark green, dark blue).

Each of the expansions (“Colosseum”, “Venatio”, “Circus”…) includes new rules, board sections and 2 new teams, so 6-players games are now possible.



David Temprano and Luis Valleaguado, assisted by the EscenaRYS team and our wonderful player community.


You can email us at; you can also join our friends list and we will be able to answer your questions here.

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