Green Slaves (Parmularii)

Gladitoris - Slaveslaves

Brought from the most varied corners of the Empire, most of them from the worst neighborhoods in Rome, those sentenced to the Arena endured a life as hard as their sure death would be.

Gladiatoris - Green Slaves (Parmularii)

Green slaves are identical to the red ones, and they cannot be trained beyond level II, thus losing the Flee skill (that makes them unable to counterattack when an enemy fumbles)… but maybe it’s better not to invest a single sestertius and allow them to flee whenever they can.

Design process

Gladiatoris - Green Slaves of the prototype

Since the prototype, we chose the same miniatures for the red and green Slaves (Gauls). Having different miniatures for them didn’t make much sense because their levels I and II are identical.

You can find the design process for the Slave (in general) in the Red Slaves section.

If the crowdfunding goes well, it is our intention to get different miniatures and illustrations for the Slaves. We don’t like to repeat the same model… even if it‘s not worth the while, since Slaves don’t use to survive too long in the arena.

How green Slaves should look? Maybe Thracian-like, with Phrygian hats, thus honoring the Thraex