EscenaRYS has a great team of professionals; most of them are also expert players.



David Temprano, a.k.a “Thraex”. Cofounder of EscenaRYS. TV and movie set designer; has designed the sets (and weapons) of several historical productions (“Red Eagle”, “Toledo”,”Charles, King Emperor”,”Cathedral of the Sea”), horror (“ASD”), and variety (“The Voice”, “Hit”). He has also participated in major productions (“Exodus”, “The Promise”, “The Man Who Kill Don Quixote”, “Rambo. Last Blood”, “Society of the Snow”, “Road to Bethlehem”). Teacher of Art Direction in the Film School of the Community of Madrid (ECAM).
“Self-confessed fan of the Parmularii, should I talk about: choose wisely (the Green, clear), arm your Thraex or level III, and enjoy seeing how it ends with your enemies…”
Viva Kirk Douglas!”

Luis Valleaguado, a.k.a. “Lusitor”. Cofounder of EscenaRYS. An engineer specialized in ephemeral architecture building (TV series, movies…) and teacher of Technical Drawing at the ECAM. Author of the games “Urban Explorer” and “Populi Turolii” (Best Game of a Spanish Author in 2014).

historian, munera expert

Alfonso Mañas. Ph. D. with an European Mention in Sports History by Granada University, and author of Gladiadores: el gran espectáculo de Roma (Gladiators: the great Roman spectacle, Ariel, Barcelona 2013).

You can read his review about GLADIATORIS at the “Historical setting” tab.

Consultant and IID artist

Jaime González García. Graphic designer and cofounder of Yousers Comunicación. In his free time he creates boardgames like Minitank or Sector 6 (published by Dracoideas in 2017). He’s currently helping with Asociación Ludo’s coordination.

In january 2017 he joined the EscenaRYS team as consultant.

IID artists

Antonio José Manzanedo. An Illustrator based in Cáceres, he has worked for companies and games such as Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games, RuneQuest, 7emeCercle, Journey: Wrath of Demons, La Marca del Este, Holocubierta, Krynea… He introduces himself:
“Even if nowadays almost all my work is digital, I learned traditional drawing and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Seville and Salamanca Universities.
Since I was a kid, I was fascinated by Frazetta’s art, so expressive and shocking; he was a true genius using both pencils and brushes and has influenced countless artists. I also admire the work of the great classical masters: Goya, Velázquez, Rembrandt, Sorolla… My art is a melting pot of all the things that marked me since my childhood: artists, comics, videogames, movies, music… amongst a thousand other things.
I hope you like it! Take care, my friends, and enjoy the game!”

We also had the privilege of working with David Arenas and Monsterpit. True “monsters” with a digital pencil!

iiiD artists

Guillermo Benito Gonzalez and Antonio Fernández de Paz (both of them under the collective alias of “3DBreed”). 3D artists specilized in digital modelling and sculpting, interior design and infoarchitecture. Founders of 3DBreed Miniatures.

CommunitY Manager

Gerardo Abad, a.k.a. “Lanarch”.


Marcos Valle Aguado, “Zombies & Princesses” board game store owner.

Miguel García, a.k.a. “Orphebus“.

In addition, we have counted with the collaboration of a huge group of friends and testers of the prototype, which, throughout all these years, we have pushed forward with the project.