Where can I buy Gladiatoris?

Buying the game is not possible yet. We keep on working on the GLADIATORIS relaunch, making the most of all the experience levels gained during the 2016 campaign.

How much playtesting has GLADIATORIS had?

The game has been extensively playtested for more than six years. Since its first prototype in 2009, it’s been already played by more than two hundred different players. We have been doing demonstrations at conventions during all this time, always asking participants to fill out a thorough survey about various aspects of the game. These surveys have been essential to adjust game mechanics, improve the rules and find strong and weak points.

Furthermore, we have held four annual leagues (Ludi Pucelae and Ultima Test) that have allowed us to check GLADIATORIS’ capability for this type of events and, above all, to receive invaluable feedback from genuine experts in the game. This way, we can guarantee that the rules work well not only with players new to the game, but also with experts, because they are deep enough to offer different possibilities during many, many plays.

All this development time has also allowed us to design future expansions, with new teams and rules, in a way that won’t break the balance of the basic set.

What are the game basic mechanics?

It’s a miniature game that uses hexes and a modular board. Each player takes the role of a lanista and controls a team of gladiators. Each fighter from their team, be it Gladiator, Beast or Slave, has four stats (Speed, Damage Dice, Defense Dice and Hits), and usually one or more special skills. During each of the Events in the Games, their miniatures move around the board trying to accomplish the objectives that will bring victory to their team. They attack each other using special dice, they try to reach advantageous positions, and, from time to time, they get extra benefits from Maneuver cards.

At the start of the game, players choose their gladiator teams and improve them as they see fit with their initial money. They compete in the first Event of the game, and they can use the prizes won to improve their teams again. This process keeps going until, at the end of the last Event, the lanista (player) with more sertertii will win the game.

How many players is the game designed for?

From 1 (solitaire game) to 4 people can play with the basic set (up to 6 with the expansions).

Each one of the expansions allows for an extra two players… and we have used several expansions at the same time to gather up 10 players in the Circus Maximus!

I’d like to know more about GLADIATORIS…

No problem. You can check our old blog (in Spanish); for several years, we have been uploading detailed reports of our games with a lot of pics (using our initial prototypes). You can also find the beginnings and trajectory of the game (from the first steps until today) at the “Encuentros” (“Meetings”) tab (in Spanish).

We’ll also be delighted to answer any questions. You can write right here, under “Leave a comment” space.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello,
    nice to hear that there will be a new GLADIATORIS with many and I hope beautiful miniatures!
    I have the old one with the metal miniatures.
    I want to buy the new one, should I keep the old one? I mean could I use the old board or the cards or something else? Is it possible to use both games crosswise?
    Regards and apologize mistakes in writing 😉
    Matthias from Germany

    • Hello.

      The minis from the old prototype do not belong to EscenaRYS, it’s not the same game you own.

      The new Gladiatoris is completely original in all its components, and most important, the ruleset and game system.

      It will be crowdfunded in a few weeks from now. We’ll notify you when the campaign starts!

      Thank you very much for your interest. We’re very glad you like our miniatures!


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