Blue Slaves (Sine Scuto)

Gladitoris - slaveslaves

Blue gladiators have a tendency to die quickly, and they must be replaced often. That’s the reason their Slaves receive good training and are superior in combat to their counterparts of other teams.


Level I and Level II blue Slaves are not different from the rest… but their greatest advantage is that they can be trained up to Level III: they gain a special skill, Stab, that adds +1 Damage Die against knocked over enemies, and their daggers, already Sharp, are now Cutting. They also gain one point in all the stats, they are as good as newbie gladiators!

Design process

As we already said when talking about Green Slaves, all basic set Slaves are identical (at least at Levels I and II) and they share the same miniature and illustration – for now…Gladiatoris-slaves blue of the prototype (Warlord Games, modified)If our crowdfunding campaign is successful, we’ll add different Slaves, and we could arm the blue ones with swords instead of daggers, as they had in the prototype. Also, we have always imagined them as savage picts, with woad war paint matching the Retiaria and the Dimachaerus.