Gladiatoris lives (and comes again to Ludo Ergo Sum)


After half a year shut in, working on the Gladiatoris relaunch (Impavidus!), we finally have our new prototype ready, and are eager to show it!

To do so we will return once again to Ludo Ergo Sum, a great Madrid convention, from 9th to 10th September.

We will set up our new arena this Friday 9th, from 18:00 to 21:30, in the prototypes section; and, if there are a lot of lanistae like last year, we will set it up wherever necessary on Saturday and Sunday (remember: the first amphitheaters were wooden and were assembled and dismantled when necessary).

The Games will be, as usual, fitting for newbies… but if any veteran shows up, I am willing to pick up the sica again (I’ve had enough laser beams this summer).

During the Games, we will take pictures of the new prototype, which includes much of the final art of Jaime González García’s (alias ‘Sector 6’) work. Until then, here you have some remarkable Gladiatoris pics from last year’s LES2016.

And… what’s different in the prototype? Well, during last year’s Kickstarter campaign you sent us a lot of ideas, so we have taken some time to study them all, and implement the best (incidentally, we have improved slightly the Murmillo so the Secutor doesn’t get all the cheers for the Scutarii). One of the more striking improvements will be the change of coloured miniatures (“Parchesi-type”) for a range of copper, silver and two different greys, in addition to the much-asked for coloured bases. We hope you’ll like them.

See you at Aluche! 🙂

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