EscenaRYS cancels Gladiatoris KS

libellus numerarius III
novembris XXX-MMXVI 


The Gladiatoris Kickstarter campaign (November 2016) is cancelled, but we will relaunch!


Sadly, we have to cancel the campaign. It’s not going to reach the funding goal, so now we must take a step back and improve, so the next Gladiatoris campaign will be successful. We WILL relaunch- don’t think this is the end of Gladiatoris!

You have given us a lot of valuable advice and feedback- please keep it coming! Most of what we have learned is thanks to you, and that’s why we love to hear your ideas!

Also, we will send all backers the Print&Play as soon as possible. We will leave the Kickstarter campaign open for another 24 hours, so if you want to support us as a symbolic gesture, you still have time.

Don’t stop following us on social media- don’t miss any update. We won’t stop working.

Here’s the link to the full update. Thanks to all of you, and see you on the Arena!

Logo RYS preliminar
David Temprano “Thraex” and Luis Valleaguado “Lusitor”.

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