SINE SCUTO – No Shield (blue)


Gladiatoris - Sine Scuto (Sin Escudo)

Offensive combat style.

The Sine Scuto trade protection for speed and enter the arena almost naked. The Retiaria is the icon of this school; armed with trident and net, armoured with a bracer with shoulder pad (galerus). The Laquearius wields similar weapons, but uses a lasso instead of a net. The Dimachaerus is equipped with two swords, one in each hand.


The Retiaria is the representative of the blue team, armed with the trident from their banner. She’s a fast and deadly gladiatrix, very dangerous if she can move around unimpeded, and her net can dismantle her enemy’s defense


Gladiators Without Shields roll 4 Damage Dice at Level I… and can increase that number easily. They can also reroll their first Fumble result. On the down side, they are the most vulnerable fighters on the Arena, consequently, they must attack relentlessly and vanquish their enemy before they have a chance to retaliate.

The Retiaria‘s special attack allows her to Throw the Net over her rivals, knocking them down and pushing them one hex. The Dimachaerus juggling skill with his Dancing Swords allows him to deflect enemy strikes in a spectacular fashion. And the Laquearius can use his Lassoing special skill to tangle a foe up to 3 hexes away, making them unable to counterattack.

beasts and slaves

The Leopard is the fastest Beast in the Arena; so fast that it can skirt around the enemies and place itself in the best position to attack or run away.

The Hounds don’t let go of their enemy, knocking them down and following them if they flee.

Blue Slaves can be trained up to Level III; if so, they jump into the arena well equipped and they can even compete with gladiators themselves!