SCUTARII – Great Shields (red)


Gladiatoris - Scutarii (Great Shields)

Defensive combat style.

Scutarii jump into the arena armed with heavy rectangular shields (scuta) and short swords (gladii). They protect their legs with greaves (ocreae) or leather straps (fasciae), and their right arms with metal bracers (manica).

Gladiatoris - Murmillo (Scutarii)

Their typical representative is the Murmillo, easily recognizable by the fish that decorates his helm (galea); a very hard gladiator to knock over or push around, able to endure the hardest blows.


Called “tanks” by many players, Great Shields gladiators have 3 Defense Dice at Level I… more than any other! Also, their defensive skills will be extremely useful to defeat their rivals, who will tire before making serious damage to these fighters.

With their Sure Feet special defense, the Murmillo avoids being pushed, displaced or knocked over (except by a “Jupiter’s Lightning”). The Samnita, in individual combat, can use her Cancel Special Attack special skill… even against Beasts! And the Secutor is renowned by his Endless Energy special attack, that increases damage and allows him to draw a new maneuver card.

beasts and slaves

The Lion is an emblem for the amphitheatre games: huge and majestic, its hide is hard as the Nemean Lion’s, and its attacks are brutal.

The Hyaenas, on the other hand, are so small that they can slip easily from their enemies’ grasp, so they can pester them ceaselessly.

Unfortunately, Red Slaves have no combat skills worth mentioning… their fate is to die on the arena!