Basic game

In GLADIATORIS, each player commands a team of Gladiators, Beasts and Slaves. In the basic set box, you’ll find these teams: Scutarii (Great Shields), Parmularii (Small Shields), Sine Scuto (No Shield), Petauristae (Acrobats).

Scutarii (Great Shields)

Parmularii (Small Shields)

Sine Scuto (No Shield)

Petauristae (Acrobats)

You can already click on the Scutarii, ParmulariiSine Scuto, or Petauristae to find out more details and see the miniatures; we will we showing you the Extra Teams in the next days.

The orange Acrobat team (Petauristae) wasn’t part of the original game, but of the “Venatio” expansion. However, our first players had such a good time with them (caning a fully-armed gladiator to victory is really funny) that by popular acclaim, they took the place of the Tamers team (they were sent to the expansion).


Murmillones Ultores (“avengers”, dark red), Thraeces Propugnatores (“defenders”, dark green), and the Retiariae Truces (“wild”, dark blue). These teams have 3 identical Gladiators that can be trained all at once for a higher cost (1,500 sestertii per Level, instead of the usual 1,000); on the plus side, they automatically pass sortitio rolls and never lose their Level. A great advantage, especially for battles with several Gladiators per team!

Created in 2010. These are the three teams we added as “Exclusive Extra Teams” in the cancelled 2016 Kickstarter.

other ExPansions

During these years playing GLADIATORIS, we have been increasing the number of teams in the prototype… We have even created customized teams for the winners of the annual leagues!

-Colosseum: Armoured (white) and Executioners (black). Created in 2009.
-Venatio: Hunters (purple) and Tamers (yellow). Created in 2009.
-Circus: Knights (golden) and Egyptians (jade). Created in 2009.
-Bellum: Legionaries (bronze) and Celts (copper). Created in 2009.
-Veterani: Uniques (silver) and Favourites (dark silver). Created in 2010.
-Mercenarii: Mercenaries (dark copper). Created between 2013 and 2014.
-Naumachia: Morituri (Prussian blue) and Phoenicians (aquamarine). Delayed.

-Ludi Pucelae I: Celtiberians (earth) and Amazons (turquoise). Created in 2012.
-Ludi Pucelae II: Comedians (pink) and Carthaginians (dark bronze). Created in 2013.
-Ludi Pucelae III: Germanics (sepia) and Punics (rust). Created in 2014.
-Greek Heroes: Greek Heroes (cyan). Created in 2013.

Would you like to make a suggestion about a new team for GLADIATORIS? Leave your comment: all contributions are welcome and, as in the case of the orange team, you could change our plans…

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