PETAURISTAE – Acrobats (orange)


Gladiatoris - Petauristae (Acrobats)

Bloodless combat style.

The Acrobats step in the arena during the prolusio, before the actual gladiators, and never fight to the death. They are armed with staves and whips, and make up for their poor equipment with their superb agility and hard training.


This colorful team’s indisputable star is the Lusitor: spinning and sweeping the sand with his staff, he can knock down any gladiator, light or heavy, and break their bones with skillful strikes and grapples.


The Acrobats are not real gladiators and the crowd only expects to laugh at their pirouettes. Also, they are armed with blunt weapons, raising the Defense Dice of the opponent (quite the opposite of Sharp weapons, that lower them). And they don’t wear any type of armor or protection… but their skeptical enemies often end up beaten by these quick and agile athletes!

The Lusitor is the only Acrobat that can reach Level III, and he can use the special attack Sweep to knock down his opponent, even a small Beast! The Paegniaria can use her special defense Tumbling to roll over the floor and immediately stand up again, avoiding being knocked down. And the Desultor can use his special skill Bull Leap to jump over another fighter and attack by surprise.

beasts and slaves

The Tiger is the most powerful great Beast, and when leaping onto its victim, it can roll… up to 8 Attack Dice!

Even if they are the smallest of the small beasts, the Lycaons have no rival when attacking in pairs

Some of the best Greek and Persian physicians can be found in the ranks of the Orange Slaves. They can improve the health with of his team with their arts.