Orange Slaves (Petauristae)

Gladitoris - slaveslaves

Among the orange team Slaves there are not only proud Iberians, but also Greek and Eastern scholars. They teach philosophy and medicine; even if they are nearly useless in combat, their arts are highly valued by the gladiators.

Gladiatoris - Orange Slaves (Petauristae)

Identical to the Slaves of the rest of the teams at Level I and II, the Orange Slaves may be trained up to Level III, and the will obtain a special card: Physician Scholar Slave. With the help from this mediculus, the orange Slaves and Gladiators gain an additional Wound.

Design process

As we said with the green and blue ones, all the Slaves from the basic box are identical (at least up to level II) and they share the same illustration and miniature… for now…

Gladiatoris - slaves oranges of the prototype (Foundry Miniatures, modified)If the Gladiatoris campaign is successful enough, we can add more Slave types, and we could make the orange Slaves look different. They could have a Greek or Eastern look, like the level III Physician.