6 Days to go… Enter the Acrobats!

Enter the orange Petauristae, Acrobats!


gladiatoris-lusitor-sine-scuto-2dAnd after the beast hunt, before the actual gladiator duels, the public enjoys the performance of the… Acrobats!

The Petauristae (acrobats) drop the curtain on the four teams from the basic box. The Lusitor, their star gladiator, is one of the most loved fighters in Gladiatoris. And they have the Tiger too, a wild beast able to jump 3 squares! You can see all their combatants here.

Only 6 days to go!

Only 7 days to go! Live on November 3rd

Today marks the start of the final countdown for the Kickstarter Gladiatoris campaign.

Only 7 days to go!

The campaign will be live on Thursday November 3rd, at 11:00 PDT (20:00 GMT)


We’ll soon activate our Kickstarter page, but you can already see our new component image. We love its final look!

It’s been almost 8 years since our old prototype…


Like our new BGG images!


Sine Scutum are here!

We introduce you the blue team: Sine Scutum, No Shield!

Gladiatoris - Sine Scuto

Gladiatoris - Retiaria (Sine Scuto)This team’s favourite gladiatrix is the Retiaria, armed with trident and net; the Laquearius also wields a trident, though he uses a lasso instead of a net… and the Dimachaerus dances with his two swords in a deadly whirlwind. These gladiators jump into the arena almost unprotected, but they have confidence in finishing their enemies off before taking a scratch. Along them fight their fast Leopard, their tenacious Hounds, and their blue Slaves, that can be trained up to the point of becoming almost as good as gladiators.

Just one team left before the campaign!

Enter the Parmularii!

Enter the green Parmularii, Small Shields!

Gladiatoris - Parmularii (Small Shields)

Gladiatoris - Thraex (Parmularii)This team’s star is the Thraex, many lanistae’s favourite gladiator! The Hoplomaca wields her spear to keep enemies at bay with surprise counterattacks, and the Provocator is a master of foul play. Their Panther can knock and pin down rival fighters, so their elusive Wolves or even their Slaves can finish them off.

Only two more teams to go before launching the campaign!

What happens with Gladiatoris? II EscenaRYS release

Libellus numerarius II
XVI-MMXVI Martius 

Hi again!

We have some news; a lot of you have asked us about how GLADIATORIS is going, so we’re recapping the state of affairs:

1. Our company, EscenaRYS, introduced on Libellus Numerarius I, keeps on working at a steady pace.

2. EscenaRYS has hired the illustrators (both 2D and 3D) who are working on the game’s final look. Some of them are old friends (as is the case of 3DBreed), but the rest of them will be kept a secret until the official website goes online. But here you’ve got a preview… our new logo!

3. As of today, our team is joined by two essential members:
– Miguel García, a.k.a. Orphebus, is our new Assessor.
– Gerardo Abad, a.k.a. Lanarch, is our new Community Manager.
With these new procuratores, the core of the Gladiatoris team is complete.

4. In an intensive meeting with the new team, we have outlined the action plan that will deliver the game in your hands… further even than the Medi Terraneum Sea! We won’t speak of dates yet, as they depend greatly on external companies, but we can indeed announce that our official website will go online in less than two months (its content is being uploaded right now). So watch out, and don’t forget to submit your e-mail in our blog so you can get the updates! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Our old Twitter account has changes, though it keeps the name @Gladiatoris, so it can be used by all EscenaRYS members. The former account has become @ThraexRYS, the personal account for David, advocate for the Small Shields (go Parmularii!)…

David Temprano “Thraex” and Luis Valleaguado “Lusitor”.

Preliminary RYS logo

Gladiatoris returns: EscenaRYS is born

After several months of hard work and silence in our blog, we are ready to communicate some most important news.

Libellus numerarius I
augustus iI-MMXV 

1st. GLADIATORIS and PEKÁ EDITORIAL have parted ways. It’s been a friendly agreement and nothing has been left behind. Peká can’t load up more work this year, and we don’t want more delays for our game.

Preliminary RYS logo

2nd. After several weeks of paperwork, we have founded “EscenaRYS”, a gaming company that will allow us to hire the people we need to develop this project.

3rd. In this very moment, there are 8 people working in our team, along with some exceptional contributors. At the same time, we are asking several companies and manufacturers for budgets.

4th. We need to do the maths and make the game viable without losing any of the prototype components.

5th. Once we get most of the design work done, we will launch a Kickstarter sales campaign with several pledges you will be able to use to customize the game.

6th. Now that we’re more committed than ever to produce the game no matter the difficulties we might face, we will make a survey for the people that have supported us through the years (we will also listen to advices before saying goodbye to our most loved prototype). We will also make a list of “people that might buy Gladiatoris” (no obligations).

Best regards,
David Temprano and Luis Valleaguado.