The amphitheatre’s gates open, and the brave gladiators enter the arena, ready to bet their lives on their skill…

to win the palms of victory!

Welcome to GLADIATORIS, the board game about Roman amphitheater’s combats.


Discover the game, join our friends list, and find the answer to all your questions.

GLADIATORIS has the utmost respect for the historical setting without sacrificing playability. Our superb design team has developed along the years the game they would like to play, featuring a detailed presentation and components of the highest quality!

You can already see up close the four gladiator schools:
we give you the red-coloured Scutarii (Great Shields), the green-coloured Parmularii (Small Shields), the blue-coloured Sine Scutum (No Shield), and the orange-coloured Petauristae (Acrobats)!


David Temprano and Luis Valleaguado.


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Hi again, and happy new year!

GLADIATORIS is recovering 1 Wound per week… and we can already share some news:

1. Jaime González García, graphic designer for GLADIATORIS and author of the successful Sector 6 (the Kickstarter campaign ends this next Sunday, go grab your copy!) joins the EscenaRYS team as consultant.

2. We keep on working on the GLADIATORIS relaunch, making the most of all the experience levels gained during the 2016 campaign. ALL ideas and suggestions received (thanks again to all of you!) are being evaluated one by one, so we can select the best ones.

3. We’re working on a certain surprise for this 2017. We think you’ll like it, but we can’t reveal it yet. There’ll be GLADIATORIS for quite a while!

Thanks a lot for still being there! We’re delighted to find so many wonderful people interested in our game.

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