Lycaons (Petauristae)


Lycaons are small wild African dogs. They are not very dangerous when confronted one by one, but it’s a whole different story when they hunt in pack.



At Level II they can Bite Tendons, adding two Knock Down results to their attack; they add a Success against knocked down enemies and Beasts; it’s a good way to weaken the enemy before the second Lycaon bites their victim. Its special skill, Pack, is one of the best in the game: a Lycaon gains one Attack Die and one Defense Die if it has another Lycaon standing next to it… improving a lot their chances of victory! Also, unlike the Hyaenas, Wolves and Hounds, that often attack each other, Lycaons don’t bite one another with a Fury result on the Beast Die.

Finally, the Lycaons can receive the improvements from the Beast Tamer (adding one to their Speed, Attack and Defense) if their trainer buys the Tiger’s Level III.

Design process

The Lycaons are the best small beasts in the basic box: the Boars, the Hunting Dogs, the beasts from the Venatio expansion, or the Molossi from “Circus”, can best them by getting to Level III. But the Lycaons are the smallest canids on the Arena, and their enemies may grow overconfident.

For the miniature, we copied a picture from a crouching Lycaon, in a menacing stance. We also wanted it to growl and show its teeth, like in the Marsel van Oosten’s photo.

By the end of the campaign, we’ll have the Lycaon’s illustration. See you then!