Only 7 days to go! Live on November 3rd

Today marks the start of the final countdown for the Kickstarter Gladiatoris campaign.

Only 7 days to go!

The campaign will be live on Thursday November 3rd, at 11:00 PDT (20:00 GMT)


We’ll soon activate our Kickstarter page, but you can already see our new component image. We love its final look!

It’s been almost 8 years since our old prototype…


Like our new BGG images!


Sine Scutum are here!

We introduce you the blue team: Sine Scutum, No Shield!

Gladiatoris - Sine Scuto

Gladiatoris - Retiaria (Sine Scuto)This team’s favourite gladiatrix is the Retiaria, armed with trident and net; the Laquearius also wields a trident, though he uses a lasso instead of a net… and the Dimachaerus dances with his two swords in a deadly whirlwind. These gladiators jump into the arena almost unprotected, but they have confidence in finishing their enemies off before taking a scratch. Along them fight their fast Leopard, their tenacious Hounds, and their blue Slaves, that can be trained up to the point of becoming almost as good as gladiators.

Just one team left before the campaign!

Enter the Parmularii!

Enter the green Parmularii, Small Shields!

Gladiatoris - Parmularii (Small Shields)

Gladiatoris - Thraex (Parmularii)This team’s star is the Thraex, many lanistae’s favourite gladiator! The Hoplomaca wields her spear to keep enemies at bay with surprise counterattacks, and the Provocator is a master of foul play. Their Panther can knock and pin down rival fighters, so their elusive Wolves or even their Slaves can finish them off.

Only two more teams to go before launching the campaign!